This device is designed to generate information on the CAN bus from digital tachographs VDO SIEMENS and STONERIDGE and as well functions as an information converter from vehicle’s CAN bus to CAN bus in FMS format. In this case the unit functions as an FMS gateway for personal vehicles.

CAR2FMS V2 is distinguished from V1 by the ability, mainly for VOLVO vehicles, to connect the J1708/J1587 bus and expose on the CAN bus additional information about fuel and other values which are otherwise not available on the CAN bus.

Regarding the tachograph data, information about driver’s ID, current activity etc. are exposed on the CAN bus.

From the CAN bus of a personal vehicle, the data are converted to FMS standard format. Some data might be provided in a slightly modified format.

For VOLVO lorries made in 2013 there is a new alteration of the converter unit, identified as E version, which is equipped with a secondary CAN output.

This device is no longer manufactured, it is replaced by CAR2COM V3 converter.

CAR2FMS V2 - CAN bus - FMS gateway

PDFCZ.PNG Datasheet - standardní firmware
PDFCZ.PNG Alternativní firmware - koncentrátor vozidlových dat a výpočet statistik  
Definiční soubor pro zobrazení dat pro nástroj Signal receiver z koncentrátoru vozidlových dat  
PDFCZ.PNG Alternativní firmware - CAN terminátor  
PDFCZ.PNG Alternativní firmware - CAN data generátor  
PDFCZ.PNG Alternativní firmware - Generátor pulzů dle informace o spotřebovaném palivu z CAN sběrnice  
Plugin pro SW PP2CAN  
software.png SW pro změnu firmware  
PDFCZ.PNG Certifikát ČSN EN 55022 ed.3:2011, ČSN EN 55024 ed.2:2011, ČSN EN 61000-6-3 ed.2:2007.